NOHIMSS Winter Conference

January 13, 7:30am, EST - 12:00pm, EST

HIMSS Innovation Center
Global Center for Health Innovation
Fourth Floor
1 St. Clair Avenue, NE
Cleveland, OH 44114


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Secure Patient Engagement

“Securing an Engaged Patient” explores the duality of vesting patients in their own healthcare through engaging in Health Information Exchange with their care teams, while assuring security and privacy. Renowned national experts will lead thought provoking education sessions and panel discussions on topics that include, Population Health, Patient Portal Engagement, Security, Risk and Professional Development.   Key speakers and panelists include:

  • Edward W. Marx, Executive Vice President of the Advisory Board (Clinovations) on loan to New York City Health & Hospital where he serves as an information technology leader.
  • Rod Piechowski, MA, Senior Director, Health Information Systems at HIMSS where he oversees HIMSS content development in health information technology User Experience, Innovation, and Privacy and Security.
  • Suzanne Fink, MSN, RN, CCRN-K, Brent Hicks, B.Ed, CPHIMSS, & Tom Tully Cleveland Clinic.  These members of the Cleveland Clinic clinical, technical and security teams talk about several key population health initiatives that have been recently implemented, items of focus will be success metrics, technical architecture and security.
  • Panelists
    • Robert Slepin- an experienced technologist with 28 years’ experience designing, developing, implementing, and supporting solutions for population health and healthcare.
    • Dr. Amy Maneker- Overall responsibility/goals is to leverage information and technology to improve the quality and value of care delivered at Akron Children’s.
    • David LaBrosse- At NetApp Healthcare’s Strategic Partner Manager is a tenured data security expert who also focuses on building partnerships between NetApp and healthcare cloud leaders.