Northern Ohio Chapter of HIMSS

Interested in Serving on the NOHIMSS Board of Directors or Officer Position for 2018-2019

Please reply by June 20th


Dear Member of the Northern Ohio HIMSS Chapter,

As we move into our new Fiscal Year 2018-2019 in July, our chapter is pleased to announce our "call for nominations" for several NOHIMSS Board positions and committees at all different levels. This is a great opportunity to work more closely with the membership of NOHIMSS and promote the interests of Healthcare IT and the national HIMSS organization in our area. Specifically, our mission is to bring information, education, collaboration, and networking opportunities to our membership from Local, National, and International sources. We accomplish this through several networking and educational events throughout the year such as: our Spring Conference, Winter Conference, CIO Roundtable Events, Monthly Webinar Series, Breakfast Lecture Series, and other events we coordinate throughout the year. While being part of the NOHIMSS Board is a commitment, it is also a great opportunity to meet and partner with local and national industry peers to help drive the growth of our membership.


If you are interested in participating as a member of the NOHIMSS Board or you want to nominate someone that you think would provide a high level of commitment and industry knowledge to the NOHIMSS Board, please read the information below and then click on the “Nomination” link below to complete the nomination registration form to nominate yourself or your nominee.



We are currently looking for the following positions for the 2018-2019 NOHIMSS Board:


Elected Positions

  • President-Elect (Voted into office by NOHIMSS Membership)

  • Secretary (Voted into office by NOHIMSS Membership)

  • Treasurer (Voted into office by NOHIMSS Membership)


Current President Appointed Positions

  • Sponsorships Chairperson (Full Board Member, Appointed by Current President)

  • Membership Chairperson (Full Board Member, Appointed by Current President)

  • Special Issues Chairperson (Full Board Member, Appointed by Current President)


Chairperson/President Appointed Positions

  • Programs Committee Member (Non-Voting Junior Board Member, Appointed by the Committee Chairperson)

  • Marketing & Communications Committee Member (Non-Voting Junior Board Member, Appointed by the Committee Chairperson)

  • Sponsorships Committee Member (Non-Voting Junior Board Member, Appointed by the Committee Chairperson)

  • Education Committee Member (Non-Voting Junior Board Member, Appointed by the Committee Chairperson)

  • Membership Committee Member (Non-Voting Junior Board Member, Appointed by the Committee Chairperson)

  • Advocacy Committee Member (Non-Voting Junior Board Member, Appointed by the Committee Chairperson)

  • Special Issues Committee Member (Non-Voting Junior Board Member, Appointed by the Committee Chairperson)



To be considered for a position, you must be a member in good standing of both HIMSS and the Northern Ohio HIMSS Chapter for at least one calendar year. You must also be able to commit the time necessary to fulfil the duties of your elected or appointed position.



6/13/2018- Open Board Position Nominations Begin

6/20/2018- Open Board Position Nominations Closed

6/25/2018- NOHIMSS Voting Process Begins

6/29/2018- NOHIMSS Voting Process Closes

7/2/2018- Election results and Appointed Positions will be announced

7/9/2018- 2018-2019 NOHIMSS Board Term Begins

7/12/2018- 2018-2019 NOHIMSS Board Retreat



To nominate yourself or someone else, please follow the following link to complete the 2018-2019 NOHIMSS Nomination Registration Form:



Thank you for your participation with our organization. I am extremely excited for this upcoming year and with your help we will make this the best year in our history. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need further information on anything listed above or about NOHIMSS. I appreciate you taking the time to review this information and have a great rest of your day!






Jonathan Levoy


Northern Ohio HIMSS Chapter

Cell: (440) 596-0684






Membership Update

We are 1,300 members strong — up from 1,100 as of June 2014.  If you would like to become a new member and belong to HIMSS affiliated organization, you can join for free via the HIMSS Organizational Affiliate Membership Sign-Up Page.  Note that you must use a valid work or school email to take advantage of this great offer.  NOHIMSS affiliate organizations include Akron Children’s Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, Lake Health, Southwest General Health Center, Summa Health System, The MetroHealth System, University Hospitals, Cuyahoga Community College and John Carroll University. For a full list organizations, visit the HIMSS Organizational Affiliate Directory

If you do not belong to an HIMSS affiliated organization, you can select an individual membership option on the JoinHIMSS page. National HIMSS membership is offered at $199 which includes membership to NOHIMSS.  Chapter-Only and student members are available for $39 and students for $30.  Affiliates are automatically renewed with their organization; others will be reminded annually.   New members can request a mentor via email with MENTOR in the subject line.  If you have additional questions, please contact us at AskNOHIMSS


HIMSS Grant Assistance for Veterans

If you are an active duty person who is interested in Health IT or a veteran looking to advance please go to the national HIMSS website at HIMSS Veterans Career Services Initiative.  Please contact Amy Justice  who has a grant to help veterans and is a veteran herself.  Also see bottom of this page for a feature on a fellow veteran.


Health Information Exchange

We are proud of our member contributions that helped make Ohio one of the nation’s best Health Information Exchanges – 90% of hospitals have joined an exchange. The CliniSync Health Information Exchange now has 149 hospitals contracted, more than 117 “live” sending results and reports directly to physicians and other providers, more than 400 long-term and post-acute care facilities, and independent physicians in over 1,200 practices. 


NOHIMSS Sponsorships

If you are considering sponsoring an event, please see our Sponsor Page. For a list of our current sponsors, visit our Current Sponsors Page