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HIMSS Chapter Advocate of the Year Award

Larry Voyten

Larry Voyten
Advocacy Chair
Northern Ohio HIMSS


NOHIMSS Chapter Members

We are pleased to share that the chapter awardees have been announced and Larry Voyten, Northern Ohio Chapter is the Chapter Advocate of the Year!

The HIMSS Chapter Advocate of the Year Award recognizes an individual who demonstrates significant leadership and extraordinary contributions in state, local or provincial policy advocacy on behalf of their chapter.

Larry Voyten has been on the Northern Ohio HIMSS Chapter Board for over 15 years and has served as Advocacy Chair for most of those years. He leads the annual Ohio Health Information Technology Advocacy Day and organizes the chapter board, members and events around this event. In fact, Mr. Voyten helped to receive a proclamation from the Governor for the event as State Health IT Day. Mr. Voyten continues to work hard to collaborate with the Central & Southern Ohio Chapter. He has leveraged each chapter’s strengths and leadership, enabling Ohio-focused advocacy initiatives to be known to a large base of chapter members. In January 2021, Mr. Voyten facilitated the first of the chapter’s advocacy webinars, which featured a panel with local, regional and national representation. This well produced and received webinar included a sponsor highlight, bringing in value to the chapter and sponsors. Further, he engages with HIMSS staff and regularly participates in the HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Task Force, sharing his learnings with other chapters. The intent is sincere and Mr. Voyten remains committed to improving the healthcare community. Mr. Voyten brings his leadership skills and consistent reliable guidance to the board which extends to the Northern Ohio chapter membership. He provides a depth and breadth of healthcare knowledge and experience that provides direction to the board and moves the chapter forward in changing times.

Congratulations to Larry Voyten!



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NOHIMSS would like to recognize those members who have earned their CPHIMS/CAHIMS certification.

In addition, active HIMSS members are recognized for their dedication to our society and industry when they become a Senior or Fellow member. Advancement criteria is based on professional capability, experience, leadership and service. Senior and Fellow Members are leaders within HIMSS and the industry. Advanced Membership recognizes past contributions, but also comes with expectations for continuing participation and contribution.

Members of NOHIMSS with CPHIMS/CAHIMS Certifications

Tracie Henson (Firelands)

Jeff Hale (Akron Childrens)

Paul Koepke

Keith Duemling (CCF)

James Angiulo (Vocera)

Albert Edwards (CCF)

Ed Larson (Metro)

Dr. Ronnie Derrwaldt (VA)

Heidi Fravel (UH)

Kevin McKelvey

Rodney Kreger

David Baumgardner (Infopartners)

Sean Steffanni (Firelands)

Fred Gutwirth (UH)

Mangone Fall (CCF)

*Chris Hudak (KSU)

Michelle Girvin (Firelands)

Mark Henderson

Marc Willner (CCF)

*Brent Hicks (CCF)

Melonia Lillie (Initiate Govt Solutions)

*John Paganini

John McCullough (CCF)

Joseph Watts (CCF-AGMC)

Denao Ruttino (Firelands)

Greg Zolton (Crystal Clinic)

Ryan Lesniewski (Firelands)

Margaret Eitel (Metro)

Arkadly Kheyfets (Quest)

Carole Ettinger (Akron Childrens)

Sarah Croes (CCF)

Mark Horste (Center for Dialysis Care)

Dawn Tracey ( Metro)

Tania Grant (CCF)

*Ashish Mash (Metro)

*Barb Bungard (Akron Childrens)

Susan Brown

Michael Stagar

Peter Voitko (Mutual Health Services)

John Dorsky (Interoperability Showcase)

Susan deCathelineau (Hyland Healthcare)

Jen Carpenter (UH)

Patricia Kelsey (Wolters Kluwer)

Jeff Kelley (OH Mansfield/ Shelby)


Members of NOHIMSS who have achieved the Fellow Status (FHIMSS) and Lifetime

David Baumgardner (Infopartners)

*Chris Hudak (KSU)

*Brent Hicks (CCF)

Joseph Watts (CCF-AGMC)

*Ashish Mash (Metro)

*Barb Bungard (Akron Childrens)

Nelita Iuppa (CCF)

Linda Nice (CCF-AGMC)

Robert Turk (IBM)

John Sharp (Personal Connected Health Alliance

Manish Kohli (CCF)

Dan Clark (Optum)

Peter Ryerson (Ryerson Management Assoc)

Rodney Wiggins (Kaiser)

Ed Marx (CCF)

Paul Simmons





*Current Member of the NOHIMSS Board of Directors


If you are interested in becoming CPHIMS/CAHIMS certified or interested in finding out more regrading becoming a Fellow HIMSS Member please contact our Education Chair, Chris Hudak (







NOHIMSS Board of Directors and Committee Members for 2020-2021


Elected Officers    
NameNOHIMSS Board PositionCompanyTitleCertifications
 Brent HicksChapter President Cleveland Clinic IT Services & Solutions PartnerMBA, PMP, BRMP
Chris HudekPresident ElectKent State UniversityProfessor & Program Coordinator, Health InformaticsPh.D., RN-BC, CPHIMS, FHIMSS
Barb BungardSecretaryAkron Children's HospitalManager of Epic ApplicationsRN, MSN, CPHIMS
Greg SankerTreasurerKeyBank Commercial BankingVP, Enterprise Healthcare Banker 
Frank LongleyPast-PresidentCleveland ClinicIT Services & Solutions PartnerMBA, PMP, BRMP
Appointed Directors    
NameNOHIMSS Board PositionCompanyTitleCertifications
Tony CaponiChair, Programs GHR Technology Division Vice President 
John PaganiniChair, Marketing & CommunicationsPaguar InformaticsPresidentMBA, CPHIMS
Amy LibertyChair, SponsorshipsStaffing Solutions EnterprisesDirector, StaffMatrix On-Site Services 
Christine HudakChair, EducationKent State UniversityProfessor & Program Coordinator, Health InformaticsPh.D., RN-BC, CPHIMS, FHIMSS
 John ShanahanChair, MembershipUniveristy Hospitals Director of Cancer Informatics 
Larry VoytenChair, AdvocacyIoT DirectionsChief Strategist 
Jonathan LevoyChair, Membership   
Donna GrahamMember At-Large The MetroHealth SystemExecutive Director, Revenue Cycle 
Giuseppe DilulioChair, EventsBlue Chip Consulting GroupDirector of Business Development 
Michelle BambauerMember At-Large University HospitalsManager, IT Clinical ApplicationsMSN, RN
Ashish MasihMember At-Large  The MetroHealth SystemDirector, Business ApplicationsFACHE, CPHIMS
Mick ColosimoMember At-LargeUniversity HospitalsClinical Applications Manager 
 Clayton TeagueMember At LargeCleveland Clinic  
Committee MembersCommittees CompanyTitleCertifications





NOHIMSS & Kent State University Health Informatics Program Webinar Series

Call for Presenters 2020-2021


Third Wednesday of Every Month, 12:00 PM Live

Archived on HI Pulse on YouTube for future viewing

1 hour of CAHIMS/CPHIMS credit for each webinar attended

Credit available for one year after original date


We are seeking presenters for our monthly webinar series in Health Informatics. The purpose of the series is threefold: 1) bring topics of real world relevance to graduate students in Health Informatics to supplement their classroom experience; 2) provide an opportunity for members of NOHIMSS to engage with the students for potential networking, internships and employment; 3) provide an avenue for earning CPHIMS/CAHIMS credit for members of the NOHIMSS Chapter.

 Presenter Guidelines:

  • Presentations are limited to 50 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for questions and answers.
  • You may do the presentation from the comfort of your home and/or office. No need to travel to Kent.
  • Presentations will be in webinar format. KSU will provide the WebEx platform and will be responsible for archiving the presentations and delivering CPHIMS/CAHIMS certificates.
  • All members that are interested in presenting are invited and encouraged to submit a presentation proposal. Please keep in mind that the presentation should be educational in nature so the CPHIMS/CAHIMS can be awarded and the students can receive academic credit.
  • Topics that are unique, innovative, or represent current issues in health information technology are sought. We also want to involve as many types of organizations as possible.
  • If selected, you will be contacted by a graduate assistant at KSU to finalize a date and details of your presentation.
  • Your live presentation will be recorded and will be uploaded to the HI Pulse YouTube channel for future viewing.
  • A small token of our gratitude will be presented.
  • If you work for an organization that sells an HIT product or service, the description of your company, logo and contact information must be limited to the last slide only to support the mission of enhancing professional knowledge through education. You are also encouraged to partner with a co-presenter from a Healthcare organization.
  • If selected, you will be required to your final slide presentation for review prior to the event as is required to offer CAHIMS/CPHIMS CEUs to our chapter members.


 Christine A. Hudak, PhD, RN-BC, CPHIMS, FHIMSS

Professor & Concentration Coordinator

Kent State University




Brenna Hubschman,

Graduate Assistant, Health Informatics Program

Kent State University, School of Information











Membership Update

We are 1,300 members strong — up from 1,100 as of June 2014.  If you would like to become a new member and belong to HIMSS affiliated organization, you can join for free via the HIMSS Organizational Affiliate Membership Sign-Up Page.  Note that you must use a valid work or school email to take advantage of this great offer.  NOHIMSS affiliate organizations include Akron Children’s Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, Lake Health, Southwest General Health Center, Summa Health System, The MetroHealth System, University Hospitals, Cuyahoga Community College and John Carroll University. For a full list organizations, visit the HIMSS Organizational Affiliate Directory

If you do not belong to an HIMSS affiliated organization, you can select an individual membership option on the JoinHIMSS page. National HIMSS membership is offered at $199 which includes membership to NOHIMSS.  Chapter-Only and student members are available for $39 and students for $30.  Affiliates are automatically renewed with their organization; others will be reminded annually.   New members can request a mentor via email with MENTOR in the subject line.  If you have additional questions, please contact us at AskNOHIMSS


HIMSS Grant Assistance for Veterans

If you are an active duty person who is interested in Health IT or a veteran looking to advance please go to the national HIMSS website at HIMSS Veterans Career Services Initiative.  Please contact Amy Justice  who has a grant to help veterans and is a veteran herself.  Also see bottom of this page for a feature on a fellow veteran.


Health Information Exchange

We are proud of our member contributions that helped make Ohio one of the nation’s best Health Information Exchanges – 90% of hospitals have joined an exchange. The CliniSync Health Information Exchange now has 149 hospitals contracted, more than 117 “live” sending results and reports directly to physicians and other providers, more than 400 long-term and post-acute care facilities, and independent physicians in over 1,200 practices. 


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