NOHIMSS Student Initiatives
The Northern Ohio Chapter of HIMSS is very active in providing our HIMSS student members a variety of opportunities to network with local HIMSS members, learn from our education programs, and benefit from our scholarship program. NOHIMSS is committed  to helping students, providing career growth, throughout the healthcare inductry.

"I’m appreciative of the opportunity NOHIMSS gave me and it has helped me further my education"

-Jason Fronek, Southwest General Health System (Past Student Board Member)

HIMSS Student Initiatives

HIMSS Foundation:
Established in 1986, the HIMSS Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of HIMSS, providing support and assistance to the organization, its members, and the industry through:
- Financial assistance (scholarships) to students studying in healthcare-IT related fields.
- Providing access for students to the Dorenfest Institute database.
- Providing financial relief/assistance for special need-based programs issues.

The Foundation offers scholarships to students in various areas of healthcare IT studies. Since the early 1990s, more than $150,000 in scholarships to more than 45 exceptional students has been awarded. These scholarships are awarded according to merit, financial need and other factors.

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HIMSS Scholarship

The Dorenfest Institute for Health Information

The Dorenfest Institute for Health Information is an innovative online resource that helps meet the academic and global demand for healthcare information technology data to improve patients care.

The Dorenfest Institute provides at no charge a variety of detailed historical data, reports, and white papers about information technology use in hospitals and integrated healthcare delivery networks to universities, students under university license, U.S. governments (local, state and federal), and governments of other countries that will be using the data for research purposes.

Qualified applicants have access to other resources and tools, including access to the Dorenfest 3000+ Databases™ and the Dorenfest Integrated Healthcare Delivery System Databases™ for the period 1986 through 2003, plus the 2004 and 2005 data from the HIMSS Analytics™ Datatbase.

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