16th Information Security SUMMIT 4th Healthcare Day - NOHIMSS Member Discount

October 24, 8:00am, EDT - 4:00pm, EDT


The 2018 SUMMIT is the Midwest’s Most impactful week for IT Security Practitioners


OCITA and Healthcare Day @ the SUMMIT
Wednesday, October 24th

Healthcare Day is dedicated to protecting the fastest growing segment of breaches, including HIPAA protection as it pertains to the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Data Manipulation and Artificial Intelligence

NOHIMSS members receive a 40% discount at the 4th Healthcare Day @ the SUMMIT at the Information Security SUMMIT at the IX Center in Cleveland.

Note: If you wish to attend other days at the summit, the NOHIMSS member discount will also apply for Oct 25th and Oct 26th

SPECIAL 40% Discount. Use CODE: “2018ISSEB”

Groups of 6 or more, please send an email to: cso@informationsecuritysummit.org